Lawrence Lessig is thinking We have been extremely delighted that so many of you are still with us. Hans promised to do the cleaning up of the participants list later this week. He has a good reason for the little delay with this task.

I was today preparing a lecture with the title “Wikimedia – Media for All”. I am going to give the talk next month in Helsinki. When working on it, I realized that I must somehow prepare to have a good answer to the most common question: Why people are giving away their copyright for nothing? What is their motivation?

My wild guess is: they do it because they can and because they care. At least, this is why I do it.

What it means that you can? It means that you have access to the technology. Naturally, you need the tools to do your media. You also need tools to replicate your work with minimal cost and tools to distribute it. You need a computer and Internet connection. Finally you need a legal instrument – something like a license that will give other people rights to use your creations. Now you can.

What it means that you care? It means that you enjoy different kind of media. The greater the diversity, the better. The more, the merrier. You want to see what other people have made, improve and build on them. Again you need the technical tools and the legal instrument. Now you can care.

There are many commercial interest related to the question of copyright. Because of this I want to add here two commercials talking about the topic in their own way.

The first one is a TV advertisement from the year 1984. The advertisement makes references to George Orwel ‘s famous novel, 1984, published in 1949. In Orwel’s future the authorities will control everybody with a surveillance technology. The Big Brother is watching you! In the TV add, a computer manufacturer promises to give the power (back) for the people.

The second one is more recent, twenty years later, from the year 2004. This advertisement points out the fact that today ordinary children are sued for downloading music. Children are labeled to be criminals, though they don’t see themselves doing anything wrong.

Already waiting to see your blog posts about copyright, free culture and alternatives.