The Old Jukebox We have reached the 7th week of our course and I am happy that 17 participants are still keeping up with the tempo and a few others are a few weeks behind. Tomorrow I will do a small clean up in the list of participants. I noticed that James has just created a section for self paced study, so I will add a section for people who have started the course but are not active anymore. They have still written some interesting blog posts and I don’t want to remove all links that point to their blogs.

You posted a variety of nice photos last week: snow-white Canada, spring flowers from Sweden, stormy coast in France, beautiful Macedonia and math lesson from Indonesia are just a few ones to mention here. Also it is good to see that Marjut is back with an impressive collage of photos from a small Finnish town Kotka.

This week your works will not only look but also sound interesting. You will read about podcasting, open audio formats and Creative Commons licensed audio. You will install free audio editor Audacity, try to record your own podcast and publish it in some online service such as Odeo or Switchpod. There are more free podcasting sites, you will find something useful from when you choose podcast from their tag cloud.

We have a very simple topic for your podcast: a detailed (and creative) description of the view outside your home. You should also take a photograph of this view. Finally you should write a blog post about your reading and the process of doing a podcast. Do not forget to add link to the podcast and a photo. You will find more guidelines for this week from our Wikiversity page.