Baby playing with yellow paint. Work by Dutch artist Peter Klashorst.It has been an interesting 8 weeks with you all. I have been surprised how hard many of you have worked and how many of you have been willing to invest your time to make the study project an interesting experience for all. Thank you!

We are actually so excited that we are not willing to stop yet. What I am missing a bit in the course and the class is comments and evaluation of each other work in the last eight weeks of working. As this is a Wikiversity course, however, we are free to change the plans and add another extra week to the program. So let’s go one another two weeks. I hope this is ok for all?

The first final assignment for all of you is to visit each other blogs and comment the posts in there. Please, be nice for each other but also feel free to give real feedback, too, if you do not agree with something. We could all try to comment at least one blog posts in each other blogs. You will find other blogs from the list in the left side of this page.

The second final assignment is to give more general feedback about the course and the class. The wiki way is to write it together to the Wikiversity page called feedback. I already made a structure to the Composing free and open online educational resources/Critique and feedback -page. I hope that you all will write your own thoughts and suggestions how this kind of self-organized and voluntary study projects following a weekly program could be improved. This is very valuable and important for the future of the Wikiversity. So, please take some time to do this.

With Hans we are also planning one or to synchronous videoconference to meet “face to face” with all of you. The global time zones may cause so challenges but we will work it out. I am anyway in the US west cost time and Hans in time zone of the Euroland, so one of us can make it online almost anytime of the day. We will post the schedule to this blog next monday.

But, in the next coming weeks, please, spend some time reading each other blog posts and reflect also your own work. If there are some missing posts in your own “portfolio” you may still catch up with them in the coming next two weeks. We will do this with Hans, too. We will visit your blogs and comment your posts and write some reflective thoughts to this blogs.