EduGluSWAN FlashMeeting I hope that during last two weeks you have had some time to look at other participants blogs and reflect about the course. Many of you have posted feedback posts in your blog and there is also a wiki page with critique and feedback.

We promised to organize a video conference with people who managed to be with us until the end of the course. This is a chance to meet in real time with people whose blogs you have followed for last 10 weeks. Maybe some interesting collaboration will grow out from this course.

In the beginning we were thinking about two video conferences but then we realized that with some compromises we can find a time that most of the participants are awake. I have booked the video conference for Monday May 19th at 17:00 GMT. This time is good for Europeans, but also participants from Canada can be present. I am sorry that this decision probably leaves out Bonifatius and Mark.

We will use a web-based videoconferencing software called Flashmeeting. Flashmeeting works on Windows, Mac and Linux, all you need is a Flash player, microphone and webcam. Actually it works also without webcam, but then other people will only hear you. I will send the invitations by e-mail to all of you who are still in the active participants list. If you can’t participate next Monday, then you can look the recording of the video conference.